Munaem Billah’s song ‘DAASH’ shot in Kashmir

Singer Munaem Billah has been singing for a long time. Recently, the new song of this artist, known from Nasheed Arena of the country, has been released on his YouTube channel ‘Munaem Billah Official’. This song titled ‘DAASH’ has been shot in Kashmir, the land of heaven. Abul Ala Masum wrote and composed the lyrics of the song in the words ‘I am your slave, I am bored to see you, I am your servant, I am your slave again’. Parvez Juwel has composed the music for this long-awaited and long-awaited song.

The song was supervised by Mahfuz Billah Shahi. Video produced by H Al Banna. Post production done by H Al Hadi. Artist Munaem Billah said about the song ‘DAASH’, ‘‘When you hear the title or the first two lines of the song, you can think that it is probably a song made in the light of qawwali style. But it is not at all. Basically, the close relationship between Allah and his servant is revealed through the song. I had to make myself completely new while singing the song. After a long time of training, I gave voice to the song which was a completely new experience from my previous works.

We know that life is more true than death and the servant of Allah Rabbul Alamin. From the world of spirit to thousand our journey on the path of eternal life with longing to see the master for years. Deep understanding of this truth of slavery, the longing to see the master is basically my song ‘DAASH’.’’ Talking about the song ‘DAASH’, artist Munaem Billah also said that our entire team has worked behind the song for a long time. Worked tirelessly. I think the location was chosen and we were able to capture a time of day that did justice to the song.

At twilight, the golden lights are twinkling in the water of Dal Lake in Kashmir, it is like a unique water picture of the beautiful Kashmiri form. ‘DAASH’ is a golden feather among my songs. I believe that ‘DAASH’ will touch everyone’s heart.

Source: Daily Post

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