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Munaem Billah, an exceptional Bangladeshi musician & Nasheed artist was born in last 90’s. The love of music started growing in his heart from a very tender age.

He was touched by the beauty of lyrical expressions from his blazing youth and thus started touching the minds of his listeners too. He was blessed with a beautifully gifted voice echoing the message of peace through his spiritual Nasheeds.

His debut song “Amar Maa” was released in 2016. He came into the spotlight after the release of his ground-breaking single “Meherban” in December of the same year. The success of the song was followed by many popular hits like “Malik”, “Kalimah”, “Rahimakallah” and many others. This is Digital Archive Website of Munaem Billah.

Munaem Billah

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Munaem Billah always sings on topics that the listeners are receptive to. His lyrics, melody, singing, cinematography are all wonderful. The songs will be heard by the audience on audio and video streaming platforms

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